Fabulous Feathers & Fillers

Fabulous Feathers & Fillers

Fabulous Feathers & Fillers, Design & Machine Quilting Techniques has everything you need to design and sew your own home machine feathers and fillers quilting.

If facing a blank quilt send you running for the security of a boring allover quilting pattern, this book will cure you. I comprehensively address supplies for designing, marking, basting, and free-motion quilting. It then covers designing and quilting several types of feathers:

  • simple feathers
  • feathers to fit border
  • feathers with curved spines
  • motif-style feathers
  • feathers for wholecloth

After discussing fillers such as stippling, the book describes how to machine quilt on a home machine and concludes with practice exercises and nine projects to build skills and experience.