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Sue Nickels Straight Line Ruler and Circle Wedge Set for machine quilting.

Sue has been using rulers for machine quilting on the home machine and teaching ruler classes for a few years. She developed these rulers to use on the home machine- but they also can be used for longarm machine quilting.

Sue’s rulers have fabric gripping action on the back to grip the quilt so there is no slipping (It really works!) They also have easy to see (EZ2C) lines for many placement options.

The length of straight line ruler fits nicely in the arm area of the home machine and can be used in different orientations to successfully quilt straight lines. Circles can be created using the half circle ends to make pumpkin seed, clamshell and many other designs.

The Circle Wedge Set has 5 sizes (6” through 10”) to create circle shapes in many sizes. The wedge shape is easy to use and gives many options. These include curved crosshatching, spines for feathered wreaths and much more.

Look for Sue’s Iquilt class that features Ruler Work techniques using these great rulers Winter 2022.

Please note that there are 2 different sizes available for these rulers. The size to order will depend on your sewing machine shank. For high shank machines- use the ¼” rulers. For low shank machines use the 3/16” rulers. BERNINA sewing machines use the ¼” rulers. For all other brands check with your sewing machine dealer.

Please note- you will need a ruler foot for your machine to use rulers for machine quilting. Only use these rulers with a ruler foot!