2019 Hollygirls Quilt Retreat

General Supply List

This general supply list gives the basics of what you might need. Please adjust your personal supply list according to size and what methods you will be using to create your quilt. Please contact us if you have questions?

Sewing Machine - don’t forget foot pedal, power cord and tray table!

¼” Foot for Piecing
Open Toe Appliqué Foot- a must for machine appliqué (sometimes called an open toe embroidery foot)
Optional- Darning Foot (open toe version the best) and Walking Foot for machine quilting (Bring if you want to learn machine quilting on the home machine)

For machine appliqué

Scissors- small embroidery type, good for precise cutting of appliqué pieces
Paper Backed Fusible Web- we use Soft Fuse from Shades Textiles*
Spray Starch (We use Best Press)
Bring if you have- circle template, small tweezers
See fabric and thread below

For machine piecing

See fabric and thread below

For machine quilting

If you would like a mini machine quilting lesson bring:
4 12” squares muslin and 2 12” squares batting, 20 safety pins and snips.

Miscellaneous supplies:

Pencil, pencil sharpener, fabric marking pencil, hand sewing needle, straight pins.
Sewing Machine Needles (We use Schmetz Microtex Sharp)
Extension cord/multi plug strip
Small light (we provide 2-3 per table group)
Iron and small ironing board (we provide 4 of each)
Matt board, ruler and rotary cutter (We provide one large mat in multi-purpose room)
For designing- White paper (large and small), graph paper and tracing paper (we will have some of these items to share)


100% cotton -we like to shop at our quilt shops and use good quality fabrics. We also like to prewash our fabrics.
Pat has used silk fabric for many of her miniatures. Contact Pat for details on silk fabric (patty.holly@comcast.net).
Fabric amounts will depend on what you are working on.
Bring enough fabric based on the size of the project you will be working on.

For piecing- we like 50/3 and 50/2 cotton threads (Mettler, Superior and Aurifil are brands we use) and bring to match both dark and light fabrics.
For appliqué- we like 50/3 cotton threads brands include Mettler and Superior Masterpiece and usually match thread color to appliqué fabric.
For quilting- we like all of the above mentioned threads and usually match thread color to fabric.

*There will be some supplies available at retreat to purchase. This includes Soft Fuse paper backed fusible web, scissors, etc. There are quilt shops close by for quilting fabric and other supplies.

Specific Supplies for small project-

Design supplies:

For designing- White paper (large and small), graph paper and tracing paper (we will have some of these items to share)
Circle templates

Small project:


“The Baby Beatles Quilt” 44” x 44’

Colors are for the Baby Beatles Quilt- if you are making your own original project use these yardages and your own colors. If making a larger project- bring fabric for that specific size. Fabric used in this quilt 100% cotton.

Applique Background

Magenta solid: 4 blocks, side borders and 4 small inner triangles- 1 ½ yard
Orange solid: center block- fat quarter
Lime green solid: Top border and large inner triangles- 1 yard
Turquoise solid: Bottom border- ½ yard

Applique Fabric

Assorted colors include green, orange, turquoise, yellow, gold, pink, red and more (solids and prints)- fat quarters, ¼ yard and ½ yard pieces. Total yardage will vary
Green for stems (vines) in stripe or check- ½ yard

Pieced sashing

Orange- fat quarter
Pink- ½ yard
Turquoise- fat quarter

Finishing (will not need for retreat)

Backing- 3 yards
Batting- 48” x 48” square
Piping- ½ yard
Binding- ½ yard

Pat’s Miniature Quilt Project

Indian Elephants 17” x 17”

Colors are for Indian Elephants. If you are making your own original project use these yardages and your own colors. Fabric used in this quilt is 100% cotton
Background fabrics – 20” x 20” red fabric, 18” x 18” blue fabric
Applique fabric – fat quarter of pink, red, gold, light green, dark green, aqua blue and purple
Finishing (not needed at retreat) – 20” x 20” backing fabric, 20” x 20” piece of batting. I will show how to add trim along the edge and give you ideas for what to use.